Urban Weapons Training

What are Urban Weapons?
Urban Weapon is a term we use to describe those items that you carry about your person on a daily basis. These items, also known as EDC (Every Day Carry) tools, can be used as force multipliers in personal protection situations if we take the time to train in their proper use. Pens, pocket knifes, keys, wallet, cellphone, glasses, water bottles are just some examples of these EDC tools.

Tell me more about A.C.W.A. Urban Weapons Training.
We believe it's important to make Urban Weapons a part of your normal combatives training. Most people do not have the luxury to carry a firearm, large blade or stick with them at all times. As such, we are forced to make due with what society DOES allow us to have on us. The A.C.W.A. has taken a very unique look at the use and application of these EDC tools and is happy to be able to offer this to our students. Eventually though training the student will realize that there is little difference between properly applied unarmed mechanics and urban tool use. This realization opens up new and amazing possiblities for discovery, investigation and personal growth.

Urban Weapons
"It's not just having a tool though that's ultimately important. It's knowing when, where and how to use it properly that makes it effective. We must always remember that we ourselves are the solution not the items that we put in our hands."




"Cultivate Your Instinct"

Why do I need this training?
It's a fact that the majority of violent attacks these days either involve multple attackers or some type of weapon. This being the case, we must understand that when empty-hand skills are not enough and the conflict escalates, we to must also escalate to this same level to maintain our tactical advantage. This means that if tools are brought into play by an opponet we must equalize the desparity of force situation inorder to "level the playing field."

In the study of Urban Weapons, the student will come to realize the best tactical advantage comes from learning how to use litterly everything around them. Obviously, this knowledge can only come from research, development and practice under stress conditions. The truth is that almost anything can be used as a tool with proper training. Once you start to look at these items with a new perspective, you will realize that you are never unarmed.

There is no magic formula
One final note we want to convey is that posessing an EDC tool or improvised weapon is not a magic solution to keep you safe. Simply having a tool is by no means a good substitute for training and indeed it's worth nothing, if you cannot get to it or haven't practiced how to use it, it's absolutely worthless to you. Tools are a great SUPPLEMENT to your normal combatives training, but are not a replacement for it.

How can I learn more about this?
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